Another tool to help block the dangerous ransomware CryptoWall

Ransomware is a VERY dangerous type of malicious software that can ecrypt (basically LOCKS) all of the data on your computer.  It holds it ‘hostage’ and demands hundreds of dollars to get it back.

BitDefender Labs has discovered that a new variant of the very dangerous CryptoWall software (version 4.0) does not infect a computer if it detects Russian as a keyboard language.  So you can ‘immunize’ your computer against this variant by adding the keyboard language to your PC.  No, you do not have to learn or start typing in Russian!  Bitdefender has a free CryptoWall ‘vaccine’ that you can download from here:

As I mentioned in a previous blog, you should also install the free CryptoPrevent app.  It makes some simple changes to your system that will prevent most of the ransomware software from installing on your computer. Get it free here:

Cheers!  -Dan

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