Are your website plugins updated? Thousands get hacked!

WordPress is a great platform for websites.  There are a ton of plugins that give websites all kind of great functionality.

I’m always reminding you about how important updating any software on your computer that touches the Internet (operating system, web browsers, browser plugins such as Java, etc.).  If you have a website, the same rules apply.  Update, update, update!  Websites with out-of-date plugins are a great target for hackers.  Thousands of un-patched websites are being hacked (which may lead to your website being blacklisted – which is the last thing you want for your website).

Here’s a website where you can type in your website domain ( and it will check it for you for out of date software, plugins, etc.  It only takes a few seconds.

If you need help getting your computer or website up to date, give us a call at Discount Computer Service.  410-358-7300.

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