Automatically Backup your Smartphone’s Photos and Videos

I have a 4 year old boy and an 8 year old daughter.  I LOVE taking lots of pictures and videos of them!  Since my smartphone is always with me, I use it for most of these precious memories.  On most smartphones these days, your email, contacts, etc. are synchronized with your server and therefore backed up, BUT the pictures and videos you take probably are not.  Furthermore, if you take a LOT of photos and videos like me, having a space limited backup may be a problem.

I would REALLY HATE to lose all of those precious and irreplaceable pictures and videos should my smartphone get lost, stolen, damaged, etc.

Enter Google Photos!  Google recently expanded their Photos service to allow you to store UNLIMITED photos and videos on their servers.  Even better, you can use their Android or iPhone app to AUTOMATICALLY backup your photos and videos (they are privately stored and NOT shared publicly, of course you can share them if you like)!  All for FREE!

In the Google Photos app on your phone, you go to Settings and turn ON this feature.  You can get more info and step-by-step instructions by clicking here.  Here are a couple settings that I would recommend changing:

1 – Under Photo Size – Select ‘Standard’.  This stores your photos in high quality and allows you to store unlimited photos and videos on Google Photos without using any of your available Google account space.

2 – Select Backup photos Over WiFi only!  My wife had her phone backing up over ‘WiFi or mobile networks’ and the next thing I know I was getting messages from our wireless carrier that we have reached or exceeded our Data allowance for the billing cycle.  Most data plans are limited and you don’t want to upload Gigabytes of photos/videos over the mobile network, just let it upload when you’re back home in WiFi range.

3 – You can also have it backup ‘While charging only‘.  This will backup your photos nightly (or whenever your phone is plugged in and on WiFi) instead of during the day to save your phone’s battery and processing during the day.

Now, if you want to view your photos, instead of staring at your phone’s little screen, you can go to and  view them on your computer.

Cheers!    -Dan

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