You CAN setup Windows 8 without creating a Microsoft Account!

I received this email from a listener recently (sent from his iPhone):

Hi Dan
Just bought a new Toshiba laptop, turn it on started the setup process, up till now I’ve managed very well with out a Microsoft account, and don’t want to put my personal info out there.
But now I’m stuck win8 won’t let me go to the next level without putting my Email address and a password, of which I have to many, so how can I get to the point where I can use it?…
Help     -Jerry

Contrary to where Microsoft tries to lead you (to enter or create a Microsoft account), you DO NOT have to create a Microsoft account in order to go through  the initial setup of Windows 8 and start to use the operating system.  Here’s a few methods to get around the creation of a Microsoft account and just create a ‘local’ account on your computer:

Method 1:

1. Click on link Create a new account (near the bottom of screen, below the “Don’t have an account?” text)

2. When sign up form appears click on Sign in without a Microsoft account (also on the bottom).


Method 2:

1. Disconnect your Internet connection before installing Windows 8.1 (or after the first part of installation has finished). Windows detects at some point if there is an active Internet connection – if it isn’t available, it will skip the screen where Windows wants you to Connect this PC to your Microsoft account and offer you to create a local account instead. This is the simplest method of skipping this screen.


Method 3:

You can keep your Internet connection enabled. When a screen called Connect this PC to your Microsoft account appears it will ask you for Email Address and Password (for or similar Microsoft service). If you have one you may put it in or if you don’t have it (or use Gmail instead), you have an option to create one. I suppose you want neither otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right?

1. If you don’t want to create Microsoft account enter some invalid email here for example:

Email Address: localhost@localhost.localhost

Password: whatever you like, it doesn’t matter (I entered 12345678).

2. Windows will now check this account and conclude that there was a problem with logging into this account (as it obviously doesn’t exist).

3. On the side a text will appear – “The email address or password is incorrect. If you don’t remember your password, create a local account now and set up your Microsoft account later.”

4. Click on create a local account now part of the text and you’re now creating a local account.


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