You CAN setup Windows 8 without creating a Microsoft Account!

I received this email from a listener recently (sent from his iPhone): Hi Dan Just bought a new Toshiba laptop, turn it on started the setup process, up till now I’ve managed very well with out a Microsoft account, and don’t want to put my personal info out there. But now I’m stuck win8 won’t let me go to the next level without putting my Email address and a password, of which I have to many, so how can I get to the point where I can use it?… Help     -Jerry   Contrary to where Microsoft tries to … Continue reading

Backdoor Found in Many Consumer Routers and Wireless Access Points

When’s the last time you updated the firmware in your router?  For almost all of you, the answer will be one of these: Never My router needs updates? What’s a firmware? router? what’s that?  I just connect to the Internet through that thingy over there. I’m still waiting for this whole Internet thing to catch on before I decide to get rid of my 56K dial-up modem (if this is you, stop reading this article now and call an ISP!) If you have wireless Internet or you have the capability of connecting more than one device to the Internet, you … Continue reading

A Windows password does NOT keep your data safe!

If you have any sensitive data on your laptop, please do NOT think that data is safe if you have set up a Windows logon password. If someone steals your laptop (this is and has been a big target for thieves), would you like them to have access to your personal data? There are many relatively easy ways, that anyone with a little technical knowledge, can get access to all of the files on your computer.  For example, another administrative user on the PC can easy gain access to your file, someone could connect your hard drive to another computer … Continue reading

I LOVE this browser Add-On – it blocks Ads!

Adblock Plus is the website. What it does – Lets you surf the web without those annoying and sometimes dangerous ads (blocks banner ads, popups, even video ads). What it is – Available for your favorite browser (Chrome, IE, FireFox, etc), you click on the Install button on their website and it installs a small add-on software program to your browser.  Simple as that. Cost – FREE! Result – Safer, happier web browsing!

Alternatives to iGoogle

As many iGoogle users have noticed, Google has done away with that ‘service’.  iGoogle was a customizable home page that gave you a lot of info right on your browser’s home page.  There are some formidable alternatives to this service that Google shut down effective November 1st (they are now re-directing you to their main page). is one of them Here’s a good article that lists 8 alternatives, descriptions and links:    

Here’s an easy way to remember ‘cryptic’ passwords

Here’s an example of a complex password that’s easy to remember: Il2TSReS@1 It uses a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and is fairly long.  But what makes it easy to remember? Easy – Use a sentence! I listen 2 Tech Solutions Radio every Sunday @ 1 Simple as that.  An easy to remember sentence, but use only the first letter of each word (Uppercase letter with each proper noun, symbols or numbers like @ for at and 2 for to…) So come up with your own complex, but easy to remember password and replace your current, easy … Continue reading

Youtube mute issue

Here’s a temporary workaround for the Youtube / no sound issue: First,  try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, and/or try this: The mute will keep coming back for each video you watch, but you can get your sound back each time by pausing the video, right clicking the little X by the speaker symbol and then clicking the speaker symbol itself.  Then start the video again. Youtube has acknowledged this ‘bug’ and should have it fixed soon.