Let Me Google That For You!

I love researching (aka ‘Googling’) things and answering questions.  Sometimes though I know someone is perfectly capable of Googling something for themselves.  If you want to give someone the answer, along with a subtle hint that they could easily have done it themselves… “Let Me Google That For You” to the rescue. First, you go to the Let Me Google That For You (LMGTFY) website.  You type in the ‘question’.  Then, when you click the Search button, LMGTFY will give you a special web link that you can send to the other person. When the other person clicks on the link, … Continue reading

Today is not the only day to Hunt for Easter Eggs

In the world of computer coding, techs often create entertaining pieces of code that shouldn’t really be there and are referred to as ‘Easter Eggs’.  You can find them in many websites or programs by searching for specific words or pressing certain keys.  You won’t find these in the ‘official’ documentation, but they are there and sometimes people stumble across them.  Google has many of them.  Here’s a few cool ones: Searching for “Zerg Rush” in Google will transform your results in to a game. To stop your search results from obliteration, prevent the letter “O” from going too far … Continue reading