I received an interesting email from Phyllis: “I’m hearing good things about this browser, Disconnect, but wondered if you recommend it over the others?” Hi Phyllis, If we’re talking about the same thing, I don’t believe ‘Disconnect’ is an alternate browser, but rather an ‘extension’ for your current browser that can add speed and privacy. I don’t have much experience with it, but it is very well rated and I wouldn’t hesitate to use  or recommend it (you can find more info about the free Disconnect add-on at their website: https://www.disconnect.me/) Another very good privacy/ad blocking extension I really love is … Continue reading

Will running Windows XP within Windows 7 protect it?

(this is a follow-up question from a listener regarding the discontinuation of updates for Windows XP in 2014) Q – I read your article about running XP in Windows 8 which raises and interesting point; can XP be easily run on a Windows 7 machine as well?  If it can, then would the Windows 7 security updates protect it? A – Yes.  You can definitely run a ‘virtual’ Windows XP machine within Windows 7.  There’s even an ‘XP Mode’ from Microsoft that integrates into Windows 7 Professional that allows older XP programs to run almost seamlessly in the Windows 7 environment, … Continue reading

Replacing an XP Desktop

I received a great question by email from a radio show listener.  Here’s a brief description of his situation: Q – With Microsoft discontinuing support for Windows XP in 2014, he is considering replacing his 10-year old Desktop PC.  He also has a newer laptop with Windows 7 and mostly does web surfing, checking and printing emails, Skype, typing letters and a very CPU intensive function of burning videos to DVD (now it takes about 4-5 hours to do this on his desktop, which runs overnight since the PC is practically useless for anything else while the rendering takes place). … Continue reading