Run your XP system in Windows 8

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP (no more security updates will be made available after April 2014).  Maybe you have some important programs that won’t run on a new version of Windows that make your old Windows XP system indispensable.  Here’s a way to ‘keep’ your old Windows XP machine without keeping the machine itself.  It turns your old operating system into a ‘virtual’ machine that runs within your new Windows 8 computer. Here’s an article where you can get more info and goes through the process step-by-step: It does involve … Continue reading

WiFi Security in a Public Location

Whether you’re on vacation in the hotel’s lobby, sitting in a coffee shop or having breakfast with a colleague in a local diner, free public WiFi is available everywhere.  What we should remember though is that these Public WiFi networks are UN-ENCRYPTED – meaning that you are potentially sending out into the air your passwords (if you are checking your email, for example) and lots of personal information.  These public WiFi hotspots are great places for criminals to hang out with their laptops and suck up all of this precious data because they can easily connect to the same network … Continue reading