I received an interesting email from Phyllis:

“I’m hearing good things about this browser, Disconnect, but wondered if you recommend it over the others?”

Hi Phyllis,

If we’re talking about the same thing, I don’t believe ‘Disconnect’ is an alternate browser, but rather an ‘extension’ for your current browser that can add speed and privacy.

I don’t have much experience with it, but it is very well rated and I wouldn’t hesitate to use  or recommend it (you can find more info about the free Disconnect add-on at their website: https://www.disconnect.me/)

Another very good privacy/ad blocking extension I really love is “AdBlock Plus”, you can download and get more info at:   getadblock.com

As for browsers, I definitely recommend the ‘alternate’ browsers (vs Microsoft’s Internet Explorer), especially for older computers.  My favorite is Google’s Chrome browser.

Best Regards,


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