Some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need an appointment to bring my computer to get fixed?


How long should I expect my computer repair to take?

The time it takes to repair your specific issue largely depends on the problem itself.  Little issues can often be taken care of while you wait (maybe 15 minutes), but something like a virus cleanup of a heavily infected computer may take 2-3 days to complete because of the multiple scans and tools we have to use to thoroughly clean your PC.  When you bring in your computer, we will typically give you a time estimate before you leave or within one business day if a longer diagnostic is necessary.  We understand you need your computer and do everything we can to get the service completed in a timely manner.

Do you stock parts for my repair?  How long will it take to get the part I need?

We carry thousands of parts in stock, but obviously cannot have every part for every need.  When we need to order a part, 90%+ of the parts we order arrive within 3 business days (depending on supplier, ship from location, time of order, etc.).

If you say the repair/part ordering will take 4 days, if I bring my computer in Friday at 6pm, can I pick it up Monday at 9am (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)?

When we give you these time estimates, we mean BUSINESS days.  For example, if we say it will take 2 business days to complete and you bring your laptop in on Monday, we expect to have service completed by end of business on Wednesday.

Should I call before coming to pickup my computer?

As unforeseen delays can happen, it is always a good idea to call.  Please expect a call from us when your service is complete.

When can a technician come out to my home/office?

This depends on many factors, but historically we have been able to have a technician on-site within one business day over 90% of the time.  Most often we can be there the same day.

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