How to format an SD Card properly

Has your SD Card suddenly lost it’s capacity?  Have you unsuccessfully tried to format your SD card in Windows?  Formatting your SD Card with standard formatting utilities may not result in optimum performance of the card.  You should use the “SD Formatter Tool” to properly format the card and/or get the full capacity back if your card has been corrupted.  Here’s a link to this free software:

You’ll also find a link to an SDXC card driver.  If you plug in a new, eXtended capacity card into the SD Card slot of some computers, it may not recognize it properly and ask you to format it.  You should NOT format it, as this will erase the data on the card and improperly format the card so it may not function properly.

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  1. lokda says:

    I usually formatting my SD card using windows standard formatting and it’s true the result is not optimum in performances and sometimes writing data could go corrupt. Thanks for the heads up link for free software.

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