Free PC Image Backup Applications

I received an email from a listener, Larry:  “what is a good free program that makes a backup image of ones drive?”

Image backups are GREAT!  They take an entire snapshot of your hard drive and copy that to a storage device.  In the event of a major failure (think – your hard drive dies), you would “re-image” the computer to a new hard drive and EVERYTHING would be back – Windows, Programs, Data, configuration, etc.  GREAT!  There are many programs that allow you to make an image of your hard drive.  This is one of the categories where my favorites are commercial (not free, but not too expensive) apps.  Acronis TrueImage, for example, is a really popular and good program that does imaging and the re-imaging very well and easily.  But there are some free alternatives where you may need to do a couple extra steps, but the imaging can be done (please see my info below).  Here are a couple you may want to consider:

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Macrium Reflect Free edition

One important thing to keep in mind when you create an Image backup is – “HOW THE HECK DO I RESTORE MY COMPUTER IF IT CRASHES???”

Remember – Your computer is ‘dead’.  You can’t boot up to Windows and run the ‘Restore’ function!  With most of these programs you must create a boot-able media (CD or USB).  If your computer crashes, you would boot to this bootable drive, then run the restore function to ‘re-image’ the data to your new hard drive.  The re-image process differs for each backup/imaging program.  It can be a little tricky, but not too bad.

If you need help setting up an image backup, ‘re-imaging’ or anything else we can help you with, give us a call at Discount Computer Service and one of our technicians can help you get it done.

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  1. Gary says:

    Use Clonezilla its easy to install on a stick and works. Just use any media USB HD is best. Makes a bit by bit clone of HDD or partition. Its available at and its free. Just burn and use.

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