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Dan’s Recommended FREE Software Downloads

The great free downloads I have listed on this site have all been checked and are free of any Spyware/Malware.  PLEASE take caution in downloading & installing to avoid 2 common pitfalls:

Downloading Warning: Be careful when downloading many free programs.  Even if you are downloading from the correct, legitimate website, you may find aggressively placed ADs (Banner Advertisements), with download buttons in them, which may trick you into downloading the wrong, not free product instead of the software you are really trying to download.  Be careful, take your time, and make sure you click the correct download buttons!  If you download something here and it says you must pay to use it, you most likely clicked the wrong thing and downloaded the wrong program.  (see example below)

Installation Warning: Be aware that when installing some of the free programs, during the installation they may ask you to ALSO install some ‘junk’ programs (toolbars mostly).  Please READ the screen while running the setup and I would recommend to carefully deselect these ‘other’ programs to also be installed.  As the free program developers get paid for including these ‘junk’ advertising programs along with their often very good applications, they often make the deselection process tricky, so be careful.

Put your mouse over the “Free Resources/Downloads” links above to access the downloads pages.

Example Page of where and where not to click:

Example page of where not to click

Red Arrows = WRONG places to click

In the above example page, the RED arrows point to the Ads (the WRONG places to click) and the GREEN arrow is the CORRECT download link.  Also notice the purple arrows.  You can often recognize paid Advertisements because they have these ‘X’s in their upper right corner.

Be very careful as I’ve seen some download pages with much more aggressive Ad placement than this!

2 free, very helpful programs to help with this ‘problem’ are:

AdBlockPlus – This is a browser plug-in that Blocks most of the offending ads referenced above.

Unchecky – This program un-checks the opt-in for the above referenced unrelated junk programs that are bundled with may of the free applications out there.

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