Google can use your name and photo alongside online ads

That’s right, Google’s new terms of service, going into effect 11/11/13, by default will opt you in for allowing them to use your name and photo alongside an online ad if you have commented, followed or given a +1 to a product.  You could see your face and comment in those one-line reviews below an ad or listing.

The less scary news about that is that they say that your endorsements will only be visible to those that would generally have access to your comments anyway.  Google says they will allow you to opt out of this by un-selecting the ‘Shared Endorsements’ option in your Google Plus settings.  I have put a link below that will take you directly to this setting and give you more information about this new feature.

In case you’re like the 99.99% of us who don’t actually read those ‘terms of service’ agreements, the new TOS also reminds us to not use its services while driving (thank you to Google’s legal department for this friendly addition) and to not give out your passwords (seriously?).

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