Here’s an easy way to remember ‘cryptic’ passwords

Here’s an example of a complex password that’s easy to remember:


It uses a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and is fairly long.  But what makes it easy to remember?

Easy – Use a sentence!

I listen 2 Tech Solutions Radio every Sunday @ 1

Simple as that.  An easy to remember sentence, but use only the first letter of each word (Uppercase letter with each proper noun, symbols or numbers like @ for at and 2 for to…)

So come up with your own complex, but easy to remember password and replace your current, easy to crack one that 90% of you are using (you know who you are!)

Remember, good passwords should have ALL of the following:

lowercase letter(s)
uppercase letter(s)
the longer the better, but at least 8 characters long
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