Tech Solutions Radio moving to Fridays 6-7p on WCBM!

For the last several years, I have loved sharing my Sunday afternoons with the WCBM audience and talking about tech.  I have some great listeners and have loved talking to each and every caller.  I am happy to announce that Tech Solutions Radio will be moving to a new day and time in the WCBM lineup.  Effective February 27, 2015, Tech Solutions Radio will now be broadcast live every Friday from 6p-7p eastern time.   I truly hope all of the weekend listeners can join me at our new day and time.  I thank you for all of your great calls and your support over the last several years and look forward to an even better Tech Solutions Radio for the next several years and beyond.

Thank you so much to all.   -Dan

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  1. Steve Askew says:

    Good stuff, Dan. I caught your show on Sundays when I could and liked it very much. You will now be on my car radio for the Friday evening commute. Keep up the great work!

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