We love our customers and are happy to get some great unsolicited feedback.  Here’s what a few of our many happy customers have to say:

“Dan,  I am contacting you to let you know just how pleased I was with most all your technicians but one in particular by the name of Chris.   I had the pleasure of Chris coming to my home on two occasions to service two of my computers. On a personal level I found him very amicable in nature and easy to talk with.  On a professional level, he “knocked my socks off.” He was with me on the last occasion approximately 2 hours. I don’t think he wasted a second. He really knew what he was doing.  I tried to watch in an attempt to pick up some things but he worked so quickly and efficiently it was impossible to keep up as his fingers flew across the keyboard. When it looked like something would not work, he knew whatever workaround he needed to get the job done.  He is a credit to your organization and as a result of observing his competency I know where I will go whenever I need assistance with my computer. You did a wonderful job in finding the right people to man Discount Computer.  I am glad that I found a company in which I feel completely comfortable and would not hesitate to recommend your company to all of my associates.”     Larry S

“Dear Dan, A long overdue note of thanks for your excellent Tech Solutions Radio Program. Due to your kindness and interest shown in each caller to your program I decided to try Discount Computer Service several months ago. Since then, I have received very competent and always courteous service from all of my contacts with them, starting with Tom at the management level (the position that sets the tone for any organization) and then with Sean and Jim each in their own specialized areas of expertise. Just today, I called to thank Sean for phone advice given to me yesterday, which was efficient and respectfully given. I decided that it was high time to write you a note of thanks. I think Discount Computer Service is exceptional. I have purchased a reconditioned used computer, have had both my wife’s lap tip “cleared” and my desk tower unit repaired.”   Craig K

“Just a few lines to thank you for your most excellent service and kind manner. The computer is so much faster and email is working most efficiently now.  I shall certainly tell others of the fine service you provide. Again, my many thanks for making a frustrating problem so easily fixed.  Many Blessings.”   Mary B.

“Our (former) computer person couldn’t get 3rd monitors connected to two of our computers. He blamed it on software, then hardware, then on our employees. He also couldn’t connect a scanner to the network.  Your tech connected both monitors and connected the scanner to the network in less than an hour.  I called your company because you had previously work on my home computer and I was impressed.  Good job!!”   W. U.

“I wanted to say thanks for working on my computer. It was a baffling issue that took you a lot of time to fix, but my computer works fine now. Thanks for your help!”   Kevin C

“THANK YOU, DAN!  You and your team are the Greatest!  Sincerely,”  Tom M

“I appreciate your recommendation, Dan. Your explanation is crystal clear.  I enjoy your Sunday show on WCBM. I can tell that you are a good person.  Thanks,”   Joan S

“I had a very pleasant experience at your Pikesville store this past week.  I had an ASUS  notebook issue and Tom handled it professionally and at a reasonable cost.  He was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to help me out.  I live in Colesville Md (about 24 miles away) but I will continue to avail myself of Tom’s services whenever necessary.  Please pass my thanks onto Tom but I wanted you to know how well he represented you, your organization, and your corporate philosophy.”   Bill S

“Hi… A note to compliment Tom at your Pikesville store.  He was awesome to work with on a headache repair :).   Thanks, Scott”   Scott F

“Hi Dan. Just heard you with Sean.  I took my computer to Tom. Perfect service. What a fantastic location! I have already told many friends”  Jeff A

“I’d like to compliment one of your employees, Chris for the excellent service he provided us last week on Friday, October 18th. I have always been pleased with the service I have received at Computer Services. I recommended your services to my boss. Chris was very informative and took the extra effort to make sure all our computers was operating correctly. Great customer service is to be commended to Chris. You can be sure that we will continue to do business with Computer Services for years to come.”  Brenda C

“Hi Dan, just a quick note of appreciation for the great service I got today from Sean (Shawn?) and the senior members of the tech department. Sean walked me though the purchase of a new laptop. I really appreciated the guidance.  All the best,”   Tom J

“Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for doing such a good job on my computer. It runs better than when I bought it.”   Roy I

“dan, marcus worked his magic and straightened out what needed to be done..he’s a great guy..as are all of your folks..thanks.”  Richard S

“Dear Dan: Once again, the technician at your operation did a wonderful job. You may recall that the key was not installed on my computer. Well, I just got around to stopping in your shop and your tech did a wonderful job. It is no wonder you have the reputation you do, your customer care service is the best. Thanks”  Jack F

“I just wanted to tell you how satisfied I was with your service.  Tom was a pleasure to deal with and was able to fix my computer which had been originally been fixed at an office supply store.  I am extremely pleased with both your service and your prices.  Thank you once again”   David C.

“Hi Dan thanks for such a nice lecture. I really enjoyed it. You have a way of explaining in simple terms…”   Deepti R.

“THANK YOU for getting my old P.C. up-and-running this morning! The additional memory makes a BIG difference in the speed!…Once again, a GREAT, BIG THANK YOU !!!  Very Gratefully Yours,”  Tom M

“After hearing you talk on your WCBM Sunday radio show, I brought my computer in to be serviced, to remove viruses that were causing it to run so slowly that I almost couldn’t use it. I’d had it serviced once before by an in-home service company that had done good work for me before. When they left, the computer was working much faster — but it quickly began to slow down and within weeks was as slow as it had been before.  Both Dan and Tom were great to work with — polite, knowledgeable, with no “pretense” or effort to pretend to know all of the answers immediately. Despite my strong desire to get my computer back quickly, you honestly explained to me that, if viruses were my computer’s problem, it really did take time to run the scans to find and remove them. The likelihood was at least a day or two. Then you would need a little time to do a clean-up and install an anti-virus program (which had good reviews online).  I suffered through three days using my back-up laptop, but when I got my desktop computer back, it was WONDERFUL!! It works just like it should!! I’ve been using it for some time now, and it is just such a treat to get an immediate response from the “enter” button rather than waiting and waiting. . . and waiting. . . and waiting.  THANK YOU! Great, and HONEST service!”   Trent K.

“Dear Mr. Hartman,  Thank you so much for your service today. Dragon and Outlook are working well.  The computer is actually working faster.”  John P

“Thanks for your quick and honest response…By the way your shop took great care of the virus which is why I respect your thoughts and opinions so much.”   Doug D

“I wanted to tell you how happy I have been with the service I have received from your staff. Each time I have brought my computers in for repair I have been very happy with the service. Your staff has been very pleasant to deal with and have been very honest.” Sherri S

“…When I woke up and went to the computer this morning to start emailing this stuff out the computer had crashed. Lifeless! Thoughts of suicide went racing through my head but up here in Baltimore we have a fantastic computer repair company that advertises on the radio and their big selling point is that they will fix it while you wait. They did!!!!!!!!!! And I was back home by 11:30…” George M.

“i am a computer idiot he came the day i called professional patient good teacher quick but not rushed called back when message left dan hartman of discount computer service”   Sallie R

“Dan, Thanks so much for sending Tony over. He was great and Bob really appreciated the work he did.”   Ann Q

“Just want to tell you how pleased I was with Tom (Pikesville) and his work. He explained everything so nicely and in terms I could understand.”  Pat H

“hey dan..thanks..youre guys saved me this morning..friday. a virus corrupted my computer..and i could not get this mornings square off script out of documents.. a great guy..was able to print two copies and i made it to channel 2 in time.”   Richard S

“Thank you so much for the great work you and your team did on my laptop. I was worried I would have to buy new – now I don’t have to. Will be bring my son’s laptop for a tuneup shortly. I’ll pass along your business’ info to anyone who asks”   Jon S

“I just wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated you ‘coaching’ me through the various computer techniques in such an efficient and effective manner. Your courtesy and knowledge, as well as your patience with me, were noteworthy. It is a pleasure doing business with you… Thank you!”   Elaine K

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