YES! Now you really should have an Antivirus App on your MAC! Yes, the Apple Mac CAN get infected!

For many years I have heard people say “Macs can’t get viruses” (or some variation).  That wasn’t true then and DEFINITELY is not true now.  As MacBooks and iMacs get more popular, they are becoming a tempting target for the cyber crooks.

Although we have had customers bringing in virus infected Macs to Discount Computer Service for many years now, we recently have seen a significant spike of infected Macs.  Yes, now more than ever, just like PCs, a Mac can get popups, website re-directions and other nasty virus effects of malicious software.

Oh, did I mention the Flashback trojan that infected over 600,000 Macs!  How about the article from ZDNet titled “Macs vulnerable to virtually undetectable virus that ‘can’t be removed'”.  Still on the Macs can’t get viruses boat?  Let’s not forget about iWorm, a virus that exploited a security hole in Apple’s operating system that allowed hackers to take control of tens of thousands of Macs (after releasing a patch, Apple hopes you won’t read the article titled “Apple’s iWorm fix still leaves major hole”).

Yes, it’s true that there are WAY more viruses out there targeting Windows PCs.  Yes, those Windows viruses (along with any other Windows programs) cannot run on a Mac.  Yes, years ago you didn’t have to worry about viruses much on Macs.  Times have changed though, Macs are getting more popular and the criminal element now has a larger target for their mischief.  You’d be well advised to protect yourself with an antivirus application for your Mac.

Just like with Antivirus programs for Windows, there is a difference in Effectiveness of these programs.  In a recent comparison done by AVTEST, a few programs were able to block 100% of the virus samples used, where the bottom performer only was able to detect 19.7% of them!  The most effective Antivirus for Mac was the BitDefender Virus Scanner for Mac (commercial software, more info here).  Also highly effective were a couple of free AntiVirus options from Avast and Sophos (links to the free programs below).

Avast Free Mac Security

Sophos Antivirus for Mac

If you have an infected Mac and need help cleaning it up, give us a call at Discount Computer Service.  We have cleaned up thousands or infected computers and would be happy to help you with yours!  410-358-7300.

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